How do I back up the server?

How do I back up the server?

In order to protect yourself from a service affecting event, we recommend periodically backing up your configuration files to a separate system. The best time to do this is when the server is first deployed and again after each major update. 
  • The configuration files are found at: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\\config in Windows 2003 Server, Vista, or later.
  • If you also have a requirement to back up logs, they are found at: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\\logs in Windows 2003 Server, Vista, or later.
The configuration files contain confidential information that could be misused by a malicious user. While on the server, these files are protected with Windows access privileges, but when stored on another system, they might not be. Therefore, we recommend encrypting the archive.

To compress and encrypt archives, we recommend 7-Zip

If you would like to automate this process, you can do so with a batch script and a scheduled task. 
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